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This is a moneymaking guide that doesn't have that many requirements to it. It's a great way to start rebuilding your bank if you lost it. This might be ever so slightly boring, I suggest you watch a movie or series while doing this. The money from this guide is in the astrals, you'll need to sell them. This guide contains clickable links, feel free to use them to get to their wiki pages.


* An astral tiara
* A fire staff
* A pickaxe
* 43 magic for superheat
* Nature runes
* Active membershipSkills you'll get exp in


You will be mining your own ess in the essence mine, and then superheating it. You will need to teleport, ask Aubury, he can be found in Varrock and Port sarim. Just right click on him and use teleport.


Port sarim:

The progress

Now that we're finally inside the ess mine we can start. Mine the essence until your inventory is full, then simply superheat the essence. The spell will ignore your runecrafting and smithing level. You will get 10 astral runes for every 4 essence you superheat. So one nature rune will get you 10 astral runes. This method is great because you'll never need to bank until you run out of nature runes.

Some stats

Ess mined per hour: ~2880
Astrals created per hour: ~7200

Without double exp:
Mining per hour: 126,720 exp
Magic per hour: 498,240 exp
Smithing per hour: 43,200 exp
Runecrafting per hour: 43,200 exp

No dxp, goldsmith gauntlets:
Smithing per hour: 45,360 exp

No dxp, chaos gauntlets
Runecrafting per hour: 45,360 exp

With double exp:
Mining per hour: 253,440 exp
Magic per hour: 996,480 exp
Smithing per hour: 86,400 exp
Runecrafting per hour: 86,400 exp

Dxp, goldsmith gauntlets:
Smithing per hour: 90,720 exp

Dxp, chaos gauntlets
Runecrafting per hour: 90,720 exp

This is the end of my guide. I hope this will help you earn some money. If you have any tips to make this guide better, feel free to post. If it helped you, feel free to give the post a thank as well.


Great guide mate i r8 8/8.

Great Job on the guide :). Looking forward to seeing more great guides from you.

Jebus, 2 billion nats....
Thanks for making this guide, I wondered how to make astrals.

Great guide mate, im not in it for the money but for the xp thank you :batman:


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