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Please check the date any of the guides was last edited, because they might be outdated. This list will be fixed at a later date.
Listed below are Emps-World's Official Guides:


Firemaking - Magmaster127
Runecrafting - Hugo Terwiss
Crafting - Hugo Terwiss
Slayer - Hugo Terwiss
Woodcutting - Hugo Terwiss
Smithing - Hugo Terwiss
Fishing - Hugo Terwiss
Fletching - Loosenater
Agility - Hugo Terwiss
Cooking - Pure Ranged1
Hunter - Mary
Farming - Mary
Prayer - Charr
Magic - Charr


Astral runes - Charr
Humidify - Charr
Bow strings - Freestuffyay
Frost dragons - Opkomers


Jad - Loosenater
Shooting star - Eddie1408
Barrows - Gabol
Warrior's guild - Fate


Chronozon - Callmedragon
Ice strykewyrms - Callmedragon
Tormented demons - Callmedragon
Smoke demon champion - Range 4 Meee
Kalphite Queen - Jimmyb13
Revenants - Emps Loover
King Black Dragon - Emps Loover
Nex - Charr
Other guides

Scams you should watch out for - Charr
How to switch spellbooks - Freestuffyay
How to not get tricked while staking - Someone12116
Helpdesk - Someone12116
Guardian angel - Someone12116
Attack styles 101 - Someone12116
Emps-Kit (experience calculator) - Il Pk I
How to run emps on mac - Zeepleeuw
Clan chats - Pure ranged1
Grand Exchange - R  I  P

Feel free to create any guides we're missing, would be much appreciated.
If a guide has helped you, please give it a thank. It's the least you can do for the effort people put into them.


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