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« on: December 03, 2022, 02:42:30 pm »
Been playing this game since I was 12. Now I’m 22. Don’t really play anymore but damn the fact I’m still here posting this. Kinda crazy.

Btw why isn’t the server growing? Is it a lack of advertising or no one cares about this type of game anymore cuz Ik a lot of other osrs servers still balling

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Re: 12-22
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2023, 03:47:22 am »
Thomy didn't listen then and he isn't going to listen now.

Dozens of my friends quit playing this game as soon as they were unable to use the oldschool graphics any longer.

More quit the easier the server got with the double xp weekends and insanely inflated eco.

What made emps unique was the community, the fact that the server still had challenging enough xp rates to make it feel like you actually accomplished something, and just general lack of 'ez mode' shit like the fact that there was maybe 5 free teleports in the game. When now you can hop on any popular rsps and talk to some wizard and teleport anywhere you need.

The unique and rare items such as Lantys and scarfs and mime made a super fun end game flex for people to work towards. Having owned many of these items myself it was super fun to walk around flexing on everyone in my bunnies and mime and lanty.

Having fally as the central location was super cool although I will admit that part is mainly just nostalgia for me.

Having HD graphics in oldsxhool literally isn't an advertising point anymore. I can download runelite and enable the fully support HD 117 plugin and have the same thing. Or I can even enable full oldschool graphics with the awesome and super nostalgic whip model.. You can't even do that on emps now lmao you get this ugly ass shit that looks like a 5th grader modeled it and are stuck with it.

Ge totally fucked the eco tbh and should have been implanted with a tax. Or maybe other things did. Rsps always have garbage ecos but emps was actually quite decent back in the day.

Emps had some of the best pking available on a rsps back in the day and I wasn't even a pker I made probably 5+ pkers to use just to get my ass kicked cause it felt good and smooth

And of course. With dropping player counts. All the fun community things that I loved about emps are just flat out good.

Emps-scape held and still holds a very special place in mine and my brothers and friends hearts. It revitalized my love for runescape after having quitted after they added the 10x hits update. I loved emps. I love emps. Hell if thomy dumped a fresh start clean slate emps where I could spawn in barbarian village and buy some membership rings. I would fucking do it right now and I would dump literally hours into it. Grind doesn't bother me. I'm maxed on osrs on my main and am nearing maxed on an ironman.

The issue with that though.. rsps has changed a lot since then. And I'm not sure many would attracted to it. But... then again. Jagex said the same thing about osrs. And now it's the more popular of the two games.

I think what emps really needs is to go back to its roots. Improve on it. Add group ironman. Ironman. All the things people love about new osrs. But keep the things that made emps special as I discussed above.

Nothing in emps right now is nostalgic for me or fun. So I don't play. In fact lately I have been playing an entirely different rsps alongside my usual osrs grind. How sad is that... I literally dedicated years to emps and now I play a different rsps because nothing about this version of emps is fun to me. Honestly seeing it do so badly is just sad to me. Rsps can be popular still. Many are doing extremely well with player counts comparable to what emps had back in the day and also (importantly for thomy) very very very profitable.

I spoke up back in the day that the changes being made would kill this game and nobody listened. I'm sure nobody will now. Emps-world should be ran alongside emps-scape for those that enjoy it still but i see dozens of posts on here when i check in about people wanting emps-scape back. But for me. I won't be playing emps-world ever again. And with all the people that have asked for emps-scape over the years and have had their dreams fall on deaf ears I feel for you because the game we loved is dead and thomy seems to have no will or desire to actually listen to the feedback he gets.

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