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weapon game
« on: September 21, 2014, 06:52:41 pm »
weapon game mini game,its gratz minigame created by 3 weapon's range and melle and mage with alot of weapon's start from bronze end at best weapon at game in melle range same and mage same its successfully minigame and very nice and funny game for war's and do clans in this minigame with ticket and u can buy from shop by the ticket and you get ticket when you kill people in weapon game minigame and its safe area you join without anythings gear's or weapon's and u get weapon's and gear in weapon game minigame i am pretty sure this minigame is successfully minigame i will be happy if you agree guys with me about this minigame
here is video same this minigame,
thanks for reading.
hello emps world staff and members,i am an old player in emps scape i love this game and i happy when i hear it back lets talk about my self,im from israel,16 years old mostly of my time playing rsps games,im male too,i love football,i am still going to school,and last thing i am very happy empsback
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