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Feedback Rules & Guidelines
« on: September 19, 2014, 07:55:04 am »
Feedback Rules & Guidelines

  • If there is already a topic discussion opened about a change/update, stick to that, do not create another one.
  • Please do not flame the developer team for the changes the game goes through (we do updates for you, if you dislike them please tell us so in a polite manner).
  • Make sure you post constructive criticism, posting rage topic/replies will get you nowhere.
  • All other forum rules apply.

Please avoid the following subjects for feedback, any opinions are known about these:

  • Staff team - Please do not provide feedback about the staff team or the way it is organized. If you would like to report a staff member, use the helpdesk.
  • Donator Items - Please do not suggest to add more (custom) donator items. If the High Administrators decide to add more of them in the future, then they will.
  • Other payment methods for donating - It is too expensive and will drive up the donator prices a lot to be just as profitable. Will not come.
  • Older graphic Versions - Emps will not revert to older versions. We updated to new ones, and wouldn't re-update to old ones, that'd be an useless downgrading process.
  • Lootshare - This will be implemented once the Grand exchange is fully configured, no need suggesting it over and over.
  • Clan chat improvements - This will probably come in the future, please stop suggesting, it won't make it any sooner.
  • Construction and Summoning - These may be future updates, please stop suggesting.
  • Dungeoneering and Dungeoneering items (i.e. Chaotic, Primal, etc) - They may come, they may not. Please stop suggesting.
  • XP locks - There will be no XP lock, you can use lamps to reset your xp if needed.
  • Name change - Has been suggested lots of times, please do not suggest it again, the feature might be planned.
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