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Everything wrong with invention
« on: September 05, 2019, 03:00:40 pm »
Hey guys!

Recently the invention skill was added to the game to act as an item sink. I like the idea, but i think the invention skill will sink the wrong items.
Here is why.

Apart from Demon weapons and nex armours, prices for combat armour and weaponry are very low.
i'm talking about the following items in particular:                                                                                     Deconstructing xp           Energies recieved

- 3rd age melee, mage, range armour (2-5M per piece)                                                                          3.5k - 5k per piece                 1U & 2-4C
- Bandos Chestplate & Bandos Tassy (8-10M per piece), Bandos Boots, Gloves Helm (1M ea?)                    1.7k - 2.1k per piece              1U & 1-3C
- Battle Robe Top, Bottom, Hood (2-4M per piece), Gloves, Boots (1M ea?)                                               1.7k - 2.2k per piece              1U & 2-4C
- Armadyl Chestplate (2-4M), Chainskirt (2-4M), Helmet (1-2M), Gloves (1M), Boots (1M)                         1.7k - 2.2k per piece              1U & 1-3C
- Bandos (3M), Zamorak (3M), Saradomin (15M), Armadyl (10M) Godswords                                              5k per godsword                  1U & 3-4C
- Zamorakian spear (3M)                                                                                                                          3.3k per spear                   1U & 2-3C                                                                                                         
- Saradomin Sword (1M), Staff of Light (1-2M)                                                                                        1.9k per sword/staff              1U & 1-3C
- Saradomin and Zamorak Bow (1-2M)                                                                                                       2.3k per bow                     1U & 1-3C
- Divine, Elysian, Arcane, Spectral Spirit Shields (10-20M)                                                                           4.7k per shield                   2U & 2-4C
- Ragefire (3-5M), Glaiven (5-10M), Steadfast (20-25M)                                                                         2.5k per pair of boots              1U & 1-3C
- Rod of Ivandis (10M)                                                                                                                                 5k per rod                      1U & 2-4C
- Corrupt Zuriel's Staff (5M)                                                                                                                       2.3k per staff                    0U & 1-3C*
* i did not count the spectral energy in since  it cannot be used to create aura's or upgrade armour equipment

Now compare this to what you get from deconstructing - a Rune Platebody (125k): 431 xp, 0U & 1-4C
                                                                                - a Rune Sword (25k):    241 xp, 0U & 1-3C

If you were wondering what U and C stands for: Unique (U) and Common (C) energy.
Common energy being: Blacksmith energy, Woodwork energy, Tailor energy, Dragon energy. Named 'common' because you get them from deconstructing common items.
Unique energy being: All the others (except from spectral energy). Named 'unique' because you get them from deconstructing unique items.

Back to low prices now. I believe the items listed above are so cheap because there are a ton of them ingame. Now, the invention skill was created to sink all those items and get their prices up. Sound like a pretty good idea, but i think the xp rates and energy rewards are way out of proportion. Which leads to the wrong items being sinked.
Allow me to explain this with the following example:

I'm a maxed player and i want my max/comp cape back so i train invention. i don't want to deconstruct all of my armours and weaponry because then i won't be able to pvm anymore. Here are my options:
Option 1: Buy, for example, a Bandos Chestplate for 10M and grant 2.1k invention xp and 1U & 1-3C
Option 2: Buy 400 runebars (25k ea), so i spend the same amount of money, and smith 400 Rune swords which will grant me 96.4k invention xp and 400-1200C
No matter which of the two options i pick, deconstructing is only part 1 of my attempt to train invention. Part 2 is creating auras and upgrading armour.
If i choose to deconstruct Bandos Chestplate, i'm almost obligated to upgrade a Bandos armour part or godsword, since i got a Unique energy. This will grant me 25-30k invention xp but i don't have enough Common energy since i only got 1-3C from deconstructing the bcp.
With the energy received from deconstructing 400 Rune Sword, i'm able to make multiple aura's. These will grant me around 3.5k xp per aura*
*I only get one kind of Common Energy from the swords (Blacksmith). You need different kinds of Common Energy to create aura's. Lets say i have the required Energy from deconstructing D'hides and wooden bows.
It is clear that option 2 is the better option since it grants way more invention xp.

Conclusion: It is much more beneficial to deconstruct common items than it is to deconstruct unique items.

To solve this problem, i think either xp rates or energy rewards for deconstructing unique items should be buffed. I'm aware that training invention will be easier this way, but also more unique items will be sinked this way. And sinking unique items is still the main purpose of this new skill in my opinion.

I'd like to stress this: i do not have a problem with invention being a hard skill, i do have a problem with invention sinking Rune Swords instead of Godswords.

Make sure to share your thoughts and opinions!
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