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« on: January 12, 2017, 02:13:47 pm »

Don't be upset if the game isn't starting anymore or crashes. I'll do my best to fix it for you. Before we start investigating the issue in detail, please try the steps below to make sure it isn't just some standard problem.

0) Computer Restart
Why is there an option 0? Restarting your computer can often fix a lot of different problems. I recommend doing it before we start to investigate your problem at all. :)

1) Disk Space
Make sure you have enough disk space available in your home directory! Emps-World needs about 300MB free space.

2) Anti Virus / Firewall
Anti virus programs often block everything that us unknown to them. Please add Emps-World as an exception to ensure that it's able to connect to the game servers.
Are you behind a firewall or does your ISP have a firewall? Enable or ask your ISP to enable following ports: 23, 24, 43592, 43594 and 43595.

3) Correct Java Installation
Your Java installation may be wrong or you have multiple versions. Also, newer Java versions make the game run faster!
Uninstall Java completely and get the latest version here:

4) Graphics Card Drivers
Are your GPU drivers up to date? There's a pretty good guide on the Minecraft site:

5) Windows Client
Windows users only: Which client are you using? Jar File or Windows? Try both, some computers have difficulties running a specific one:

6) Reinstall Game
Sometimes game files get stuck or are installed incorrectly. Giving it a fresh install can solve a lot of problems.
You can either delete the .emps_world folder in your home directory manually, or use the uninstaller:

7) Still not Working
Still doesn't work? Looks like your problem may be more difficult to solve. Please make a helpdesk ticket here and I'll take a look at it personally:;sa=newticket
Please provide screenshots if possible. It makes it a lot easier for me to find the problem. Also provide crash logs if they are available. You will find them in the .emps_world folder in your home directory. In Windows that is usually under 'C:/Users/YOUR_USER/.emps_world/'
There may be a sub directory called crashes (if crash logs are available). Please append these in your helpdesk ticket, so that I can see what went wrong for you.

Debugging - Only if Requested
Sometimes we need to debug the game on your computer to really find the problem. We always investigate bugs on fresh installs to make sure no local files are corrupted. Please follow the steps below and upload the results to the helpdesk.
1) Close all Emps-World clients and delete the game files at: C:/Users/YOUR_USER/.emps_world
2) Don't change ANY settings!!
3) Log into the game and type ::redirectoutput
4) Play / Wait until it crashes
5) Check C:/Users/YOUR_USER/.emps_world for error / crash files and upload those
6) Check C:/Users/YOUR_USER/.emps_world/console and upload both of those files
7) Wait until I've done my magic :)

All the best,
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