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Account FAQ
« on: January 07, 2016, 06:33:01 am »
Frequently asked questions about your account and your account security.

1. I lost the password of my account! What do I do?
          If you have an email adress registered to this account you can recover it by clicking 'I forgot my password' at Always check if this is the correct link and not a phishing link!
If you do not have an email adress registered at the account, please create a second account, complete the tutorial, and then make a ticket here. Enter the correct lost account name, describe your situation and patiently wait on a helpdesk administrator to compare your information.
If you have previously donated on the lost account, please provide us with the name and transaction ID. You do not need to provide us with your old password.

2. I cannot remember my account username, can you help me?
          If you registered an email adress on the account, you can register the same email adress to another account then use your account page to check the registered names to that email adress.
If you did not register an email adress you can make a new ticket with a newly registered account that completed the tutorial, and describe your situation.

10. I cannot log into my account, it tells me that the server is offline.
          Please restart the client and identify if this is still the case. It may be that your client is outdated. It can also be that the server is being updated, this will take only a few minutes before anyone can log in. Visit the website to see if this is the case.
If it seems to be only affecting you, check your internet connection.

11. I cannot log into my account, it tells me that the account is already online.
          It might be that your account is stuck in a crashed client running in the background. The simplest fix is to restart your computer or kill the java process through task manager. If this does not work then someone else is indeed using your account. You should make a ticket at helpdesk. Staff members will help you as soon as possible.

11. I cannot log into my account, it tells me that the account is banned. How do I get unbanned?
          You can check the reason for your ban at your account page. If you feel like your ban was unjust or is too long for the offense you committed, please make an appeal at the helpdesk. The ticket will then be assigned to the staff member that banned your account.

3. How do I protect my account the best?
          By securing your account with a registered email adress and a bank pin you have a way to protect your items and recover your account immediately if they get stolen without having to wait for our helpdesk support. This is convenient for all of us and gives you benefits as well. With a registered email adress you can profit from any double XP days on our server.
Make sure you only enter your password on the Emps server and site, do not tell it to anybody and do not share your account. We are not responsible for any item theft that is directly caused by sharing or attempt to trade your account.

4. Can you delete my bank pin? I don't want to wait 10 days.
          No, we do not delete your bank pin under any circumstances. This is a security method to prevent item theft by people who might have stolen the account.

5. I forgot the password of the email adress registered to my account. What do I do?
          Please create a new ticket on the Helpdesk and provide us with the full correct name of the email adress. Make sure you create this ticket on an account that completed the tutorial.

6. I played Emps-Scape, can I get my old levels and items back?
          Yes, but we only recover your levels. Because of economy influence we decided not to provide old players with their old bank at the start of the new server. If you still remember your old account and password you can make a new ticket to recover your levels. If you do not remember your password you can make a ticket for this aswell.
If your old account does not exist, please create it and complete the tutorial. Helpdesk administrators will then check if any of your levels remained.

7. Someone else tried to get into my account. What do I do?
          If you registered your email adress, immediately recover your account and do not change the password to the same old password you had before. If you did not register your email adress, create a ticket to aid in your account recovery.
Staff members will help you retrieve any lost items in the process.
Please register an email adress and set a bank pin on your account to avoid any theft in the future.

8. Someone else used my account and registered his email adress on my account. Can I get my account back?
          Yes. You need to make a ticket with an account that completed the tutorial on the computer you used to play with the lost account with. Explain the situation throughoutly and helpdesk administrators will then compare your info to determine you as the owner of the account. They will delete the email adress and send you a new password.

9. Do staff members ever enter your account or need your password to solve account issues?
          No. Staff members can resolve issues without having to access your account. We will never ask for your password and do not require any information about your password at any time. You do not need to provide your password on the helpdesk.

12. Can I give away my account or sell it to someone else? Even when I delete the registered email adress?
          No. You may not give away or sell your account under any circumstances. This is to prevent item theft and account theft. Many players will try to transfer items to the new account if it is better than theirs. Because our helpdesk administration cannot identify that this account now has a new owner, it may always be recovered to the old owner.
We are not responsible for any item theft with this cause.

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