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Scavenger Hunt Part 2
« on: September 29, 2018, 05:09:11 pm »
Scavenger Hunt

Event has ended. The 3 winners are ;

1th : Wg

Thank you everyone who participated in Scavenger Hunt!

Due the succes of the first official Scavenger Hunt I would like to host another round of this event. I would love to host more events in the future so keep an eye on this event section.

How does Scavenger Hunt work ?
Participants of this event will be given a list of items. This list can be found at this topic when the event starts.When you have all the items on the list you have to trade me. The first three participants with the full list will win a prize !

Location of the host
I'm at the Wizard's Guild on the upper floor!

Time & Date

The first 3 winners will be getting 5m cash + Donator Wings
Spam trading results in a disqualification

List of items:

-Cutted Diamond

-Raw bird meat

-Sacred clay scimitar

-2 peaches


-Bagged Daffodils

-Soft clay

-Wood camo set

-Bucket of wax

-2 marrentil seeds

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