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Official Emps-World - Youtube Event -
« on: October 05, 2019, 07:30:34 am »

Becoming part of youtube community might have been a dream for all of us, we would like with this event to give you a chance
to achieve at least part of that Dream, that could also help you improve your editing skills and so on !
All you have to do to take part of this event is :
  • Record a video
  • upload it to youtube
  • Leave a reply here with a link of the video you want to be part of the event
its as simple as that, and you might get your self a great chance on winning some prizes for your effort!!!
The event will start on thursday, 10/10/2019 and will last for 30 days to give every player a chance to take part of it

first place : 100mil cash + 5 event tickets
second place : 25mil cash + 5 event tickets
third place : 10mil cash + 5 event tickets
4th - 10th place : 5 event tickets

You can create and upload during the month as many videos as you want, however by the end of the month you have to let us know which one do you want to be part of the event !

What are you waiting for ? start recording today !!!
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