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Broadcast Event
« on: August 14, 2021, 04:56:49 am »
Broadcast event

The time period for this event will be 22/8/2021 2pm all the way up to 29/8/2021 2pm server time

Simple, your only goal is to try to get as many broadcasted drops as possible during the given timeline and i will count all the recognized drops after the week is over, however skill and experience broadcasts wont count !

also any kind of drops from these places are not accepted in this competition
Barrow brothers
Revenant dungeon
Abyssal demons
Pvp crates
Third-age drops from gulegas, vyrewatch or wildywyrm
Fire & Lava capes

There will be top 3 winners but also every player that manages to get at least 7 broadcasted drops during this week will be rewarded with 5 Double experience scrolls

1st prize   
Steadfast boots, Amulet of strength (t), Demon longbow and Armadyl godsword

Elysian, Arcane, spectral spirit shields, ice crown and 4 rare boxes

Ragefire gloves and boots, Battle robe armour set and Amulet of magic (t)

Ironmen winners can either take these rewards for their regular accounts or we can turn them in to equal price amount of member tickets and double experience scrolls

Special thanks to ICON for this event idea !

Good luck to everyone and remember to have fun !
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