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Big screenshot hunt
« on: May 16, 2022, 05:46:55 pm »
Hello everyone!

On this Thursday, 19th of May, we are going to play screenshot hunt starting at 12:00 PM server time.

I will post 10 screenshots of some random objects or places that can be located anywhere on the Emps-World map and your job will be to find those specific objects/places --> make a full window screenshot --> post it in discord #general channel and tag me @hrki/seriously.

First to post full screen with object/place you are looking for is the winner. THERE IS ONLY 1 WINNER PER SCREENSHOT!!!

I will also post screenshots in order from hardest one to find to easiest which is kind a subjective order so it doesn't have to be the same for you  ;)
According to that order rewards will also be going from higher to lower.

First screenshot - Vanguard set + 4dxp + 10 ep tickets --> FOUND BY AORUS!

Second screenshot - Demon Halberd + 20m cash + 3dxp + 8 ep tickets --> FOUND BY BLUESTORM!
Hint 1: Its located up stairs.

Third screenshot - 3rd Age Melee set + steadfast boots + amulet of strength (t) + nex wings + 3dxp + 6 ep tickets --> FOUND BY AORUS!

Fourth screenshot - Battle robe set + Ragefire set + zamorak wings + 3dxp + 5 ep tickets --> FOUND BY BLUESTORM!

Fifth screenshot - 3rd Age range set + glaiven boots + range amulet + green crystal wings + 3dxp + 5 ep tickets --> FOUND BY BLUESTORM!

Sixth screenshot - Armadyl set + ags + armadyl wings + 2dxp + 5 ep tickets --> FOUND BY AORUS!

Seventh screenshot - 3rd Age mage set + ely + rod + 2dxp + 4ep tickets --> FOUND BY ACHELOUS!

Eighth screenshot - Elysian + Divine + Spectral spirit shield + bandos wings + 2dxp + 3 ep tickets  --> FOUND BY ACHELOUS!

Ninth screenshot - cyan santa hat + cyan phat + ancient phat + barrows santa + 2 dxp + 3 ep tickets --> FOUND BY BL00D BL00D!
Tenth screenshot - gladiator maul + gladiator helm + 2 dxp + 3 ep tickets --> FOUND BY ION!

*note* After I confirm that you found the correct screenshot Est Mauler will trade hand you rewards.

For any further questions or unclear instructions feel free to pm me in game --> "Seriously"

Wish you all the very best of luck!  :D
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