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Il Skil1z Il:
Ok if anyone didn't know until now, Vegan or Veganism is a big ass debate that took part in our world,
Vegansim is basically the abstaining from the use of any meal products, and yes there's a big difference between vegan and vegetarian,
Vegetarians don't eat meat yes, but they're allowed to eat other products like Milk,Eggs... etc..
Vegans don't even eat that, they don't even wear clothes that made of leather for the "sake of animals"
Why would they do such thing? Well because they claim by doing such thing, animals would stop dying...
-My question is....

A.What do you think of vegans?
B.Would you ever consider going vegan...
C.(optional): if you do think this is a dumb thing like I do... What do you hate the most and why would you never go Vegan?

My Answers:
A.I think they're a piece of lettuce crap
C.I hate a lot of things about them but what I hate the most of em has to be the arrogance,
They think they're right and others are wrong... they keep on trying to change others prespective
While they weren't, they're not and they'll never be better than anyone.

Guys this topic was not about insulting anyone, it was just my opinion... and I'd like to hear yours...

I have no problem with them it's just the ones that try to push their lifestyle through your throat who are annoying.

'When you are vegan and you haven't told anyone in 10 minutes'

Suryoyo K0:
Reason why you don't go vegetarian

being a vegetarian is so bullshit...i mean, you don't eat meat, and in some cases anything that comes from animals and you think you live a healthy life...fuck no, i mean you still smoke, you drink.
and + a healthy body MUST have at least one meal consisting of meat a day, check the food pyramid god damnit -.-
alright, answer time
a: what the hell is going on in their minds? only god knows
b: HAHAHA...no
c: because why the fuck would you restrict yourself so much when it's not even a bit healthy, plus... i don't know if vegans ever heard of it, but there is a little thing called "CIRCLE OF LIFE"

A: To each their own.
B: Nope
C: Who's gonna keep 100 cows alive if they don't give milk?

I don't think anyone should be bashed for their lifestyle though, as long as they keep it to themself.


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