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Offline Bleuking

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BleuKing junk for sale :) Also buying stuff.
« on: January 14, 2020, 05:01:00 am »

Dharok's Set x2 (boxed)- 20m.
Third-Age Melee Set x3 (boxed)- 13m.
Third-Age Ranger Set x2 (boxed)- 13m.
Pumpkin Lantern- 45m.
Dragonfire Shield (magic)- 5m.
Member Ticket x31- 10m.
Amulet Of Ranging- 5m.
Black Abyssal Bow- 5m.
Infinity Hat (water)- 5m.
Hunter's Crossbow- 3m.
Fire Cape- 5m.
Ancient Blade- 5m.
Dragon Platebody- 7m.
Dragon Hasta- 1m.
Ice Shield- 3m.
Amulet Of Magic (t)- 2m.
Armadyl Chainskirt- 3m.


Dharok's Helm- 4m.
Dharok's Greataxe- 4m.
Dharok's Platebody x2- 5m.
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