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!!! READ ME - Bug Report Guidelines !!!
« on: November 02, 2014, 06:33:34 pm »
Before you create a topic about your bug, please read through the following:
  • Screenshot - Please always provide a screenshot where your entire game client is visible. It greatly helps us to identify the problem and see what game settings you are using when you've encountered the problem.
  • Reproducability - Please try to find out how to reproduce a bug. This greatly helps in understanding what goes wrong and speeds up fixing the problem enormously!
  • Please check if the bug is already in someone else's active bug report! No need posting it twice.
  • Lag and disconnection issues are not bugs, they are technical problems. They are usually related to your own internet or computer, please do not post them!
  • If you are stuck ingame, please pm an administrator ingame or on the forums. Create a helpdesk ticket if nobody is available.
  • If you log into the game and find something is missing or glitched, please try typing ::reloadmap or restart the game before reporting the bug here.

We reserve the right to edit your topic title to keep things in order.

This will greatly help us in finding the issue and fixing it! Thanks for your help in advance. :)
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