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Title: Updates October 14th - Halloween Event, Bugfixes & Sceptre of Light!
Post by: Thomy on October 13, 2022, 08:20:50 am
Hey guys,

Halloween is around the corner and our event is starting today! The update also contains various fixes and final preparations for the Rot Caves. There have been extensive changes to the Grand Exchange to make market manipulation harder. The attack speeds of several weapon types have been adjusted and the Staff of light can now be upgraded into the Sceptre of light.

Halloween Event
You are able to obtain skulls from monster kills again! The selection of Halloween items have been extended in the Grim Reaper shop. You can now obtain colored versions of the Pumpkin lantern and Spider wings. Our Halloween Event starts today and will end November 15th.
Good luck on getting one or all of the colored Spider wings and Pumpkin lanterns!

Weapon Attack Speeds
I have created a system that automatically assigns attack speeds depending on the weapon type. I have taken the OSRS wiki page as inspiration for settings default attack speeds for our weapons. Please bear in mind that this might not be perfect and that "special" weapons have left untouched. That includes demon weapons, godswords, godblades, saradomin sword, etc. On top of that the new system has improved processing performance.

Grand Exchange
The Grand Exchange no longer considers offers that are older than one year. There are over 100,000 offers in the database and most of them are too old to ever be matched successfully. In order to improve performance and also make matching offers faster I've decided to reduce the amount of matches done. Offers older than one year won't be considered anymore when trying to match buy and sell offers. They are NOT automatically cancelled and will remain in the GE until manually taken. I understand that this might lock out old offers but it improves the speed at which the GE can match newly added offers. It's not worth it to look in large and ancient data with a minimal chances of finding a match.

I've also implemented an attempt that tries to fix a very rare bug that eats away a newly placed transaction. This happens when a newly placed transaction tries to overwrite an already existing transaction in the same slot. It's still a mystery how that happens but the game now tries to find an empty slot when overlaps happen.

Moreover, an issue with duplicating offers on the Grand Exchange was fixed. That resulted in a handful of people being able to spawn items into the game. We were able to identify the abusers over night and banned them away thanks to our extensive logging system. The Grand Exchange logs faulty transactions and thus it was quite easy to identify accounts and items involved in the case.

Game fixes / changes:
Engine fixes / changes:
I hope you are all doing well! The Rot Caves update turned out to be way more work than anticipated. It is pretty much finished though, only a few finalizing touches are missing. We are currently beta testing the dungeon in our test world to make sure it's neither too easy nor too difficult on release.

All the best,