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Title: Updates November 24th - Rot Cave and Color Saturation
Post by: Thomy on November 24, 2022, 07:46:13 am
Hello everybody!

Rot Cave is now available - a new and challenging group dungeon located in West Ardougne. Before being able to participate you need to complete a short miniquest explaining the situation of the rot. You can obtain Promethium equipment that protects from and inflicts rot damage.

Rot Cave
A new dungeon has opened in West Ardougne! Talk to King Lathas (upstairs in West Ardougne castle) to start a miniquest explaining the Rot crisis. The Rot cave introduces Promethium equipment and a new damage type similar to poison: Rot. This damage keeps increasing up to a certain threshold or until you die. Your Herblore skill allows the creation of Antirot potions which are an absolute must when facing rotten enemies. The cave can be joined in groups of 2-4 people. Monsters in the cave will be scaled to the amount of maximum participants of your group. Meaning that the difficulty does not depend on group size. Loot you find inside the cave is added to a loot chest that can be accessed in front of the entrance.

I have already uploaded the drop table to the wiki: https://emps-world.net/wiki/Lucien_Van_Rot
Please bear in mind that our wiki team needs some time to prepare all Rot Cave pages!

Rot Infection & Damage Calculation
A Rot infection is lasting damage that you catch when receiving any kind of rot damage. The burden of your infection is defined by the maximum rot damage you received. Rot starts with an initial damage and keeps increasing every 15 seconds until reaching a maximum.

Below's a list of four different rot infection scenarios: Getting hit with 35 rot damage results in Strong rot: starting at and increasing by 3 damage every 15 seconds up to 35 damage total. Depending on the amount of rot damage you take your infection can increase. Your Strong rot can become Aggressive rot and Lethal rot when receiving higher rot damage.

Drinking any antirot potion grants immunity from rot infections. It clears all rot infection damage ticks and prevents you from catching it. You also gain a 50% rot damage reduction when under the effect of antirot.

Promethium Equipment
With the introduction of the Rot Cave you are now able to create various anti-rot items. You will find promethium metal to be useful because it can also create better hatchets and pickaxes. The equipment itself offers rot protection in form of a set bonus that maxes out at 6 pieces equipped offering 50% rot damage reduction. This reduction does scale multiplicatively with antirot potions. Promethium weapons do also count for the set bonus and do inflict rot when using special attacks on enemies. Promethium arrows always have a small chance to inflict rot damage. You can repair promethium equipment by using a promethium bar on it.

Here's what the armour looks like (including new lava cape texture):

The 6-piece set effect of promethium grants 50% rot damage protection but it DOES NOT grant immunity from rot infections. In combination with an antirot potion you can get a total rot damage reduction of 75%. The effects are combined multiplicatively: 50% from antirot potion is increased by another 50% from promethium --> 75% total.

Color Saturation
You are now able to adjust the color saturation of the game. Feel free to play with the Saturation setting from the Game Settings. This value highly depends on your monitor and what color tones you prefer. Below is a screenshot of what the default saturation vs. full saturation looks like:
The Game Settings interface also received a minor overhaul putting more important and frequently changed options to the top.

Game fixes / changes:
Engine fixes / changes:
All the best,

Fixes on November 25th:
Fixes on November 26th: