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Title: Updates June 15th - Collection Log, Map Viewer, Wilderness Multi Areas and More!
Post by: Thomy on June 15, 2020, 08:05:09 am
Hey guys,

Today's update a bit of a larger one with a lot of new features and improvements! Collection Logs have found their way into the game offering you a way to check which unique items you've already collected. The clan chat system has received a major (database) overhaul and now supports display names in the online list. We have a new map viewer interface that also works on the software renderer. I've also rewritten the code that determines how objects are aligned to the floor resulting in much cleaner ground alignments of rocks, trees, cave entrances, fences, etc. I have reviewed and reworked multi areas in the wilderness to make solo content fairer and certain areas less risky. There have also been some engine tweaks over the previous weeks improving and fixing some fps issues in various render parts. You can read the shadow part later in the patch notes if you are interested in the technical details.

Collection Log
Some of you may already have spotted the Treasure chest icon within the Quest tab. It's a new feature called Collection Log. This interface shows you a list of activities that give unique items. The Collection Log tells you how many unique items you collected. I couldn't pre-fill it with all items you've received in the past because some of them can be traded with other players and it is impossible to track an item back to its roots. So only unique and untradeable drops have been added to your Collection Log. Let me know if you think some items are wrongly placed or missing! This is automatically generated from npc drop tables, shopping configurations and minigame drop tables. Here's what it looks like:
Please let me know what other activities or monsters could be added. Also good luck on trying to fill your Collection Log!

Clan Chat Display Names
It has taken a while but I have finally taken the time to rewrite the internal clan chat system to support display names. It was impossible to get different names for user accounts into the old system because it was heavily relying on the user's name for pretty much all operations. The new system will now update a user's display name in the online list as well as clan owners. Clan chat lists are now also alphabetically sorted prioritizing higher ranks first. This counts for the online user list in clan chat tab and the configuration menu with member and ban lists. I had to write a converter to move database data from the old to new system. It worked fine in my tests but let me know if something is missing in your clan chat!

Map Viewer Interface
The map viewer has always been a little bit of a buggy and unfinished project. I've taken the time to rewrite some parts of it and to create an interface where the map background is rendered. You also have a few options to add additional layers or change what is displayed. The worldmap viewer now also works with the software renderer. It might be a bit laggy but it will open and be usable. Here's an example:

Ground Alignment Code
I've reworked the code that aligns models to the floor. That includes items, objects and npcs. I've found and identified several issues on bridges where it wouldn't work properly with determining the correct height. So before the update you'd have items floating on top or beneath of bridges. I've also improved the code that aligns objects to the floor. A good example for this algorithm can be seen on the picture below:
The oak tree is the same model internally but depending on where it is placed it will align differently to the ground. This code was in the game before but it just didn't work well for large objects or on uneven terrain. This change will improve the visual quality of many areas throughout the game.

Wilderness Multi Combat Areas
I've updated multi combat areas in the wilderness because they were quite outdated. The default multi combat area code for eastern and northern parts was removed. There is now multi zones for following areas: I will be having a look how these new multi areas perform but I feel like this is a fairer approach for the wilderness. The spawn locations of Kolodion have also been updated ensuring he spawns in multi-only zones. There are a few new spawn locations but they shouldn't be difficult to find with the hints given.

Shadow Quality and Performance
There have been several improvements to the shadow rendering code. The shadow frustum now moves with your player in order to give your currently rendered scene more shadow pixels. This isn't perfect but quite an improvement to how it was before. The (imaginary) sun position for casting shadows has been moved up to give the scenery a more natural look. For those interested, I have added a calculation for the shadow frustum to be around the current player coordinates instead of the entire loaded map. This gives the shadow render code more pixels for geometry, especially on lower quality settings. I have also removed the very large shadow maps of 8192x8192. Shadow resolutions are now always 1024, 2048, 3072 and 4096 for low, medium, high and very high settings. With this update I can change the light direction easier and theoretically support a day and night cycle at some point. ;)

Game fixes / changes:
Engine fixes / changes:
I've received quite some feedback lately that new bosses our PvM content would be welcomed. I'll try to focus on new PvM content on the next update. This one has been a lot of utility changes, internal cleanup and improvements.

All the best,

Patch notes for June 16th / 17th:
Title: Re: Updates June 15th - Collection Log, Map Viewer, Wilderness Multi Areas and More!
Post by: Ez Gh on June 15, 2020, 09:54:39 am
Very nice update. I like few quite a lot. Thank you.

Plus lookin forward to a new pvm content.