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Title: Updates January 14th 2020 - Pest Control Rework, UIM, HCIM and Bugfixes!
Post by: Thomy on January 14, 2020, 10:42:21 am
Hey guys,

Happy new year! This is our first patch in 2020. ;D Today I present you a full rework of the Pest Control minigame. It features multiple difficulty modes and allows you to collect more pest points. There's also Ultimate and Hardcore Ironman modes with separate Hiscores as well as plenty of adjustments and bug fixes.

Pest Control Rework
With recent updates and hardmode bosses the Pest Control minigame has become a bit buggy and also outdated. I've rewritten major parts of the minigame to make it more enjoyable. There's now 3 different boats offering you 3 different difficulty modes. The black flag contains most difficult version and the white flag the easiest.
There have also been several Pest Control related changes and fixes: There's also a competitive mode including Hiscores for the most difficult version but I'd like to test the minigame first to see how different rounds perform. I'll keep you updated on this and show Hiscores on the homepage as soon as possible!

Multiple Clients
We never had full support for running multiple clients. In rare instances local files could get corrupted resulting in crashes or visual bugs occurring in-game. I've rewritten the cache handling part which improves reading / writing speeds and ensures that it's impossible that multiple clients are writing into the same file. It's now possible to load up 2 clients while downloading the game without having to fear any data corruption issues.

Ultimate & Hardcore Ironman Mode
You can now create ultimate and hardcore ironman accounts by talking to the Quest guide on Tutorial Island. The new ironman statuses can only be assigned to newly created accounts while doing the tutorial. Hardcore ironmen only have one life and ultimate ironmen are not allowed to use the bank.

Game fixes / changes:Engine fixes / changes:
This update contains a lot of small adjustments and fixes. I haven't decided the next big project yet but I think it will be more difficult content similarly do the Fight Caves (hm). I was thinking of new bosses or other hard modes for Nex. I don't think the Demon bosses need hard modes since they are already considered to be rather difficult? I wouldn't mind developing a Demon boss that can't be killed very often though. ;)

All the best,

EDIT - Fixes: