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Title: Updates February 24th 2020 - Dye System, Construction Expansion and Adjustments!
Post by: Thomy on February 24, 2020, 10:26:05 am
Hey guys,

In this update I've improved some older Construction code and added two new rooms: Menagerie and Costume room. There's also a rework for the hit and healing splat system offering better visuals during combat. Last but not least you can buy 7 new dyes for your endgame gear.

Restricted Area Visibility
Rendering Distance allowed you to see anything on the map, even if certain areas wouldn't make sense being rendered next to each other. This happened often in dungeons or minigames. A good example of this would be the Fight Caves where you could see some swampy areas on the south end. I've added border boxes that won't allow you seeing outside of certain areas. Please bear in mind this update isn't working for every dungeon that there is! I will be adding new areas with every patch. Also feel free to report places where it'd make sense!

More Dyes
I've added 7 new dyes that work the same way as Barrow, Blood, Third-age and Shadow dyes. They can be purchased for 800EC each and are usable on a variety of endgame gear. It's now also possible to use the 4 existing dyes on Ragefire, Glaiven and Steadfast boots/gloves. Hovering over dyes in-game will tell you what items exactly can be colored. Below's an example of how all new dyes will look like:
Please bear in mind that you require one dye per item and once used the dye is destroyed! You can however clean your items to get them back into their original state. Items must be fully repaired for the dye and clean process. Please let me know what you think about that system! It's been suggested on Discord (https://discord.gg/xUvVGkk) a few weeks ago and was greatly welcomed. I am planning to have more of these dyes as rare boss drops from potential hard modes, what do you think?

Construction: New Rooms
I've added two new rooms to the Construction skill: Menagerie (level 38) and Costume room (level 48).

The Menagerie stores pets and allows them to walk in your house. It's only possible to add and take pets during construction mode due to technical limitations. Pets will also only appear and walk through your home when construction mode is disabled.

The Costume room allows you to build 6 different storage containers:
Armour case: melee armours
Fancy dress box: holiday items such as santa costume, chicken outfit, zombie outfit, ghostly, etc.
Magical wardrobe: range armours and magic robes.
Toybox: party hats, halloween masks, bunny ears, donator items, etc.
Treasures: rewards from clue scrolls
Cape rack: capes

Adding multiple Menageries or Costume rooms does not create new storage containers for pets or items! You can build as many of the new rooms as you like but they will function as one and the same room everywhere.

Hit Splat and Healing System
I've received reports in the past that the hit and healing system wasn't always 100% accurate. Meaning that in some cases the health value shown above your player would not be the same as your health orb. I've linked the HP orb, skill stats interface and HP above head of your player, so that they can only show a single value. I've also rewritten the hit and healing system. It will now treat any hit or heal as damage splat. Heals have priority and will also be queued up when happening in the same game tick. Meaning that clicking a Saradomin brew and Manta ray in quick succession will give you a 39 heal splat instead of 23 and 16. Hits can be delayed a few cycles depending on how much damage is being done.

Helpdesk Mobile Layout
It's now easier to view the Helpdesk on phones. I've rewritten some CSS rules to give it a responsive design. Some buttons and menus may not look perfect depending on the smartphone's size but overall the Helpdesk will be use and readable

Pest Control Adjustments
I've heard your feedback and am adjusting a few issues with the minigame:
Game fixes / changes:
Engine fixes / changes:
What do you think of expansions on skills such as the 2 new rooms for Construction? There is a great topic suggesting new things for various skills: https://emps-world.net/forum/suggestions-ideas/few-skilling-ideas/?~22031

All the best,
Title: Re: Updates February 24th 2020 - Dye System, Construction Expansion and Adjustments!
Post by: Avenus on February 27, 2020, 10:07:18 pm
This looks like a good update Thomy!